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Trump Allies Burn Him Behind His Back, Admit His Debate Performance Was A ‘Disaster’



Donald Trump’s first debate against Joe Biden consisted of a lot of interrupting by the president and a failure to condemn white supremacy. While his inner circle has publicly praised Trump for his debate performance, CNN reports that they have actually been worried behind closed doors.

“A number of the President’s advisers voiced concern he appeared overly aggressive and said the debating style he demonstrated Tuesday was not the tactic discussed among advisers during preparatory sessions beforehand,” the report stated. “Some of the President’s allies said Wednesday they believe he crashed and burned on a night that mattered to his reelection.”

According to CNN, when confronted with the subject of “white supremacists and militia groups” during the debate, Trump chose to forego a “rehearsed answer” from his debate prep sessions, missing what a person described as a “perfect opportunity” because the question “closely resembled what was discussed privately.”

Multiple people close to Trump say he was “too aggressive, touted few of his accomplishments and likely turned off the moderate voters he desperately needs to improve his standing,” according to CNN.

“A disaster,” one adviser called it.

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