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Trump Aids Feel He Bomb Ohio Visit With ‘Nonsensical’ Attack On Joe Biden



Associated Press White House correspondent Jonathan Lemire appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Friday where he revealed that Donald Trump aids feel like the president botched his Ohio speech by his “nonsensical” attack on former Vice President Joe Biden.

Speaking with co-host Willie Geist, Lemire noted that Trump stating Biden “hurts God” made his economic points seem secondary in a state where he needs votes.

“I talked to some of the people in Trump’s orbit last night,” Lemire reported. “The president was at a fund-raiser outside Cleveland and there was frustration about how the day went because they felt like amid all this he delivered an economic speech they thought he had good points, defended his record, made his case, this is the one argument he is making for a second term. he did say, this is how I built up the economy the first time, pre-pandemic, this is how I can do it again.”
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“Instead, we have the president making these somewhat nonsensical attacks to drown out what could be some effective messaging and, of course as always, all of this is in the shadow of the pandemic,” he added. “Really what this election has been so far seems to be a referendum on how the president has handled the pandemic and the polling suggests the American people do not think he’s done a good job.”

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