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Trump Admits He Intentionally Downplayed COVID-19 Threat Despite Knowing It Was ‘Deadly’



On Wednesday, CNN obtained audio recordings of an interview between Donald Trump and legendary journalist Bob Woodward. In the recordings, Trump himself talks about how dangerous the coronavirus actually is and that he intentionally downplayed it because he didn’t want to create a “panic.”

“I wanted to always play it down,” Trump said on March 19th, shortly after he declared a national emergency. “I still like playing it down.”

Even back in February, Trump knew of the potential dangers of the virus. He knew it could kill hundreds of thousands of Americans.

“It goes through air, Bob,” he said. “It’s also more deadly than your, you know, your strenuous flus.”

Trump was asked once if he took responsibility for the deaths caused by COVID-19. He said he takes zero responsibility. This breaking news goes to show that Trump could have prevented the majority of the 190,000 lives lost to the virus.

You can listen to the president’s own words in the video clip below:

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