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Tom Cotton Dragged To The Woodshed For Whining That Alaska Special Election Was ‘Rigged’ Against Sarah Palin



Sen. Tom Cotton

GOP Sen. Tom Cotton, if Arkansas, is being dragged on Twitter after he griped Wednesday night that Democratic candidate Mary Peltola defeated Republicans Sarah Palin and Nick Begich to succeed the late Rep. Don Young (R) because the election was rigged by ranked-choice voting.

Ranked-choice voting was approved by Alaska voters in 2020. In a ranked-choice election, voters rank their candidates. If no candidate wins a majority of first-place votes ― as happened in this case ― the candidate who finished last is removed and their votes go to each voter’s second choice.

Peltola won a plurality in the first round, then an outright majority after the ranked-choice tabulations in the second.

But Cotton was not happy with the results and took to Twitter to call the election a “scam.

“Ranked-choice voting is a scam to rig elections,” Cotton said before adding in a second tweet: “60% of Alaska voters voted for a Republican, but thanks to a convoluted process and ballot exhaustion—which disenfranchises voters—a Democrat “won.”

Twitter users were not amused and proceeded to school the Arkansas Senator, pointing out that Cotton’s critics were quick to point out that many Republicans were so unhappy with Palin that they were willing to accept a Democrat instead.

His critics also noted that the same could just as easily apply to the Electoral College system, which disenfranchises voters and in 2000 and 2016 allowed a Republican presidential candidate to win despite receiving fewer votes than the Democratic candidate.

Check Cotton’s tweet and some of the responses below: