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‘This Is The Opportunity To Do That’: Trump Tries To Encourage China To Invade Taiwan Via ‘Suggestive Messaging’ On Fox News



Donald Trump is now trying to encourage China to invade Taiwan via his suggestive messaging techniques.

During an interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, the former president appeared to motivate China to invade Taiwan “sooner than later” because President Joe Biden is “weak”, citing the Biden administration’s handling the US’ pullout from Afghanistan and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Asked by Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo if he thought China would invade Taiwan sooner rather than later, Trump replied: “I do because they’re seeing how stupid the United States is run. They’re seeing that our leaders are incompetent. And of course, they’re going to do it. This is their time,” he replied. “They did nothing on Ukraine. They do nothing.”

Trump also took aim at President Joe Biden’s handling of the Ukraine crisis. “Biden said such weak statements at the beginning that Putin said ‘Oh wow, this is my time to go,'” he said.

In his State of the Union speech on Tuesday, Biden touted the sanctions Western nations have imposed heavy sanctions on Russia, which have hammered its economy. He also announced that the US would be closing its airspace to Russian aircraft and declared that Russian President Vladimir Putin “has no idea what’s coming.”

But Trump told Bartiromo that, following the invasion of Ukraine, Taiwan is “going to be next.” He went on to describe China’s President Xi Jinping as being “a man with high intelligence level.”

“He looks at what happened in Afghanistan. The way we pulled out,” Trump said, referring to the US’ chaotic withdrawal from the country in August.

“And this is his opportunity to do what he wants to do, which is huge, and he’s wanted to do that. And China has wanted to do that for decades,” he added.

During the interview, Trump also tried to rewrite his own history with Ukraine.

Trump said, “Now Russia has gotten in deeper than they ever thought possible so they ..(then came word salad).”

“I think they are in much deeper than they thought to a certain extent because of the weapons that I gave, and that the Ukrainians used so well. they used so well, amazing,” Trump said.

Yes, the delusional and lying so-called “former president” wants us to forget that he tried to blackmail President Zelensky before his notorious phone call on July 25th, by withholding millions of dollars of aid and weapons until Zelensky did “political dirty work” against his rival Joe Biden.


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