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‘They’ll Tie Him Up In a Pretzel’: After Murder Conviction, Murdaugh Facing Another Legal Nightmare



Alex Murdaugh's legal nightmare

Think you’ve heard the last of Alex Murdaugh? Not so fast. After his murder conviction earlier this month, Murdaugh’s nightmarish ordeal is just getting started.

South Carolina prosecutors are getting ready to tie the disgraced lawyer “up in a pretzel” during his future financial crimes trial, according to Eric Bland, an attorney representing the family of deceased Murdaugh housekeeper Gloria Satterfield.

“I don’t think he’s going to plead guilty because it’ll put him in a position of now having only two more financial crimes to be convicted of, where he would end up getting life without parole, which would be a backstop if the murder conviction was ever reversed or remanded for a new trial. So, I think they’re going to tie him up in a pretzel,” Bland told Fox News Digital.

Bland thinks Murdaugh will want another trial because he is being held in an isolated cell at the Kirkland Reception and Evaluation Center.

“Any chance that he can get out and see the world I think he’d take advantage of,” Bland explained. “So, I fully expect that he’s going to fight these charges.”

Satterfield’s sons will “absolutely” testify in a future trial against Murdaugh, their attorney said, according to Fox Digital.

“In February 2018, the Murdaugh family reported that Satterfield tripped and fell up some steps at Moselle, and she later died in a hospital. An autopsy was never conducted, and Satterfield’s death certificate said she died of natural causes, which her family and Hampton County Coroner Angela Topper later disputed as her injuries were inconsistent with that conclusion,” the report states.

Prosecutors say Murdaugh secured $4.3 million in insurance settlements for Satterfield’s family after her death, but the former attorney kept most of the money for himself, never alerting the family that he had secured a payout.


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