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‘There Is a Pregnant Woman In The Car!’: Police Open Fire On Man And His Fiancé After Shooting Tear Gas Into His Car



Another incident involving police brutality was caught on video has gone viral. The footage shows police officers in Denver, Colorado, firing pepper balls at a car as a man screams that his pregnant girlfriend is inside.

The man, who was not protesting, had stopped at a red light when his car was hit by a round of tear gas. Videos of the incident shared on Twitter and YouTube shows the man getting out of his stopped car to yell at officers: “You shot up a car with a pregnant woman in it, with f–king tear gas.”

But then, as the driver in the video continues to inform the officers that there is a pregnant woman in the passenger seat, they spray a barrage of projectiles at the man and the car. The man is outside of the car on the driver’s side, and the passenger’s side, where a woman is sitting, is closest to the officers. The man eventually gets back in his car and drives away as cops continue to fire.


Denver police Chief Paul Pazen launched an internal investigation into officers after the video went viral online.