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‘There Are Two U.S. Militaries’: Jordan Klepper Stunned By Bizarre New Conspiracy Theories At Trump Event



Jordan Keppler

Former President Donald Trump returned to the campaign trail this weekend and “The Daily Show” correspondent Jordan Klepper hit the road to cover the event. And as expected, he found some truly wild beliefs among Trump’s supporters.

Klepper spoke to supporters outside the event and quickly realized that despite being billed as a rally, the gathering was downgraded into something more “intimate” as not many people showed up.

But while it might have been smaller in size, the levels of oddity were off the charts, with attendees offering wild conspiracy theories that left Keppler stunned.

Some claimed that Trump is in fact the president and that the Ukrainian refugees are actors because there’s no war and “the whole thing is fabricated”.

Klepper also learned that there are currently two U.S. militaries ― one under Trump’s command, and one under Biden’s control, who, they also insisted, is not actually president and doesn’t have the presidential seal.

See more in the video below from The Daily Show: