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The Moment This Trump Cultist Realized QAnon Is Fake



Deanna Lorraine has been known as one of the most vocal Donald Trump fans out there. She has also been known for pushing QAnon conspicary theories for the past four years. But now, Lorraine has come to the conclusion that QAnon has been a mirage this entire time.

Lorraine appeared to come to her senses after President Joe Biden was inaugurated and neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton were arrested – as QAnon had promised would happen.

“Is it possible that [QAnon] is a detriment to us? … and that possibly QAnon and this whole operation has possibly neutered the otherwise most powerful demographic in the world?”

In a livestream this Wednesday, Lorraine reiterated her doubts, saying that “we have to be realistic at the same time and look at what the reality is that’s in front of us today.”

“I’m sick of just looking at clues and taking guesses and kind of following down a rabbit hole where it leads to nothing, and there’s just a lot of broken promises that are not delivered,” Lorraine said in a video flagged by Right Wing Watch.

“Every time that this plan was supposed to happen, or Trump was supposedly playing 5-D chess and supposedly setting traps or about to do this, at no point in the last four years has that trap ever been closed, has the chess move ever been checkmated by Trump. None of these hopes and ideas have ever been fulfilled. Not one. So, a smart person looks at the evidence, looks at historical evidence, looks at a track record, and doesn’t keep doing or wishing [for] something that has no evidence for it being able to materialize.”

Take a look at her remarks in the video clip below:

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