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The Art of Deception: Trump Shows Off His MAGA-Proof Stock Answer to Unanswerable Questions



Donald Trump
Former president Donald Trump speaks at a Iowas Rally. (Video screenshot)

During a campaign rally in Iowa, former president Donald Trump, found himself facing an inquiry from a concerned woman regarding the protection of farmlands from CO2 pipelines. However, rather than admitting unfamiliarity with the concept and committing to further research, the former president resorted to his time-tested strategy: delivering a vague, one-size-fits-all solution as if it were a comprehensive “plan.”

Trump, not renowned for his attention to detail or grasp of complex subjects, yet adept at manipulating his supporters with emotionally charged soundbites, managed to wriggle out of answering the woman’s challenging question, relying instead on his tried-and-true stock response that resonates with his loyal followers in the MAGA camp.

His answer is so devoid of substance that it will leave your mind spinning in disbelief.

“”Well you know we’re working on that,” Trump stumbled, trying to sound confident. “and you know we had a plan to totally, uhhh, it’s such a ridiculous situation, isn’t it? But we had a plan, and we would have instituted that plan, and it was all ready,” he mindlessly babbled. “Trust me, that will be one of the easy things we do!”

As a twice-indicted former reality game show host, Trump’s ability to deceive his supporters and deflect difficult questions continues to astound critics.

The video below, posted by Republican Accountability, captures the moment when Trump skillfully employs his bullshit mastery to manipulate his audience despite his limited knowledge and questionable track record.

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