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‘That Woman!’: Trump Aides Furious With Melania For Refusing To Come To DC And ‘Calm’ Trump Down



The Washington Post reported on Saturday that excerpts from a new book reveal just how annoyed Melania Trump was with Donald Trump after rumors of him being with porn stars surfaced.

According to the report, aides and friends of the president were furious with the first lady for abandoning Trump, reportedly claiming, “That woman! She will be the end of him.”

It has already been reported that Melania used the need for her to be at her husband’s side in Washington to rework her prenuptial agreement noting: “Melania Trump was angry over reports about Trump’s sexual indiscretions and extramarital affairs, and she wanted time to cool off and “amend her financial agreement with Trump,” wrote Post reporter Mary Jordan in her new book, ‘The Art of Her Deal: The Untold Story of Melania Trump.’”

“While in New York, Melania had new leverage. The vacant first lady’s office annoyed him. He wanted her with him. A few of Trump’s pals were upset with Melania, not only because her decision to remain in Trump Tower fanned rumors they were not getting along. They also wanted her in the White House because when she was around, Trump was calmer. They believed that if she were with him, he would not have been tweeting as often and acting as impulsively,” the report states, before adding, “The opening weeks of his administration were marked by personnel clashes, embarrassing leaks, and a controversial travel ban that caused major protests at airports. Trump held a 75-minute press conference on Feb. 16, repeatedly denying any chaos and saying, ‘this administration is running like a fine-tuned machine,’ and adding, ‘I’m not ranting and raving’.”

According to the report, one of Trump’s closest friends, Tom Barrack who chaired the president’s inaugural, lashed out in a meeting.

“That woman! She will be the end of him,” Barrack was reportedly overheard exclaiming when talking about Melania’s hold-out. “She is stubborn. She should be with her husband. He is the president of the United States.”

The Post goes on to report, “Melania did not like what was being written about her. For years her experience with the media was fielding softball questions from fashion magazines; now, instead of receiving questions about her beauty regime or fashion choices, she was being asked what, as an immigrant, she thought of her husband’s tough border policy. She had little control over the script or photos being published. She told people that no matter what she did, she would be criticized, and that she would do what she wanted. Melania had said that she would stay in New York until the school year ended, and she stood her ground.”

“That didn’t sit well with everyone around Trump,” the report continued. “Barrack, who was in close touch with Trump, began asking Melania’s friends to get involved in ‘domestic issues,’ which to them was interpreted as urging her to ‘lay off the prenup renegotiations’ or, as another put it, ‘get down to Washington.’ Barrack was seen as closer to Trump’s elder daughter Ivanka than to Melania.”

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