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Tempers Flare As GOP Pundit Insults Dem Strategist On CNN



CNN panel discussion

A CNN segment has gone viral following a heated on-air exchange between Republican commentator Scott Jennings and Democratic strategist Jim Messina.

The confrontation started after Messina called out Jennings for constantly reciting the RNC talking points about Latino voters during a panel discussion on “CNN Tonight.”

Messina insisted that a Latino voting block is non-existent as he claimed some Republicans have been successful in attracting the voter base as a result of focusing on localized issues.

“The Democrats are having a struggle internally about whether we will be PC and say these great things, and call them Latinx and all of this stuff,” Messina said. “Or we are going to talk to voters about things they care about, like the economy, and education and things that every other voter cares about.”

Jennings fired back arguing that Republican lawmakers were successful with Latino voters because they acknowledge them as people with diverse concerns as opposed to being single-issue voters.

He also bragged about the possibility of far-right Arizona Republican Senate candidate Blake Masters unseating Democratic incumbent Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly.

Messina pushed back, telling Jennings: “You are holding the Republican line. Enough with the talking points.”

At that point, Jennings snapped saying, “I tell you what, man, do you have a single friend? You’re an absolute jerk.”

Host Alisyn Camerota attempted to intervene but Jennings didn’t stop there. “I don’t even know you, and you come out here and insult me,” he said. “I don’t come out here and read talking points.”

Watch the segment below:


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