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Ted Cruz Yells At CNN’s Chris Cuomo For Shutting Down His ‘Weak-a** Argument’ In Heated Interview



Republican Sen. Ted Cruz appeared on CNN on Wednesday he was quickly called out by host Chris Cuomo after the Texas senator attack Cuomo’s brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) and defended Donald Trump after Tuesday night’s chaotic presidential debate.

The interview was heated almost from the start with Cruz slamming Gov. Cuomo (D) over his response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The CNN host to wonder why Cruz wouldn’t be as critical of President Donald Trump. Then he offered an all-too-blunt reminder of the insults Trump hurled at Cruz and his family during the 2016 presidential campaign.

At one point, Cuomo called out Cruz for “hypocrisy” after the senator complained about Democrats’ use of the filibuster. Cuomo reminded Cruz that he once read the children’s book “Green Eggs and Ham” during a filibuster of his own.

At another, he slammed Cruz’s “weak-ass argument” against former Vice President Joe Biden.

Cruz, for his part, called Cuomo “disgusting,” among other insults.


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