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Ted Cruz Slammed By Colleague For Joking About Desperate Americans Not Getting Pandemic Relief



Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) thought it would be advisable to joke about desperate Americans losing their jobs and needing financial help.

Cruz was responding to a tweet made by Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) when he joked about struggling Americans.

Markey tweeted that he supports a universal basic income for the remainder of the pandemic, with each family getting $2,000 a month.

Cruz mocked Markey’s tweet by saying: “Why be so cheap? Give everyone $1 million a day, every day, forever. And three soy lattes a day. And a foot massage. We have a magic money tree — we should use it!”

Markey didn’t find Cruz’s remarks funny and decided to slam the Republican Senator.

“It’s not a goddamn joke Ted. Millions of families are facing hunger, the threat of eviction, and the loss of their health care during a pandemic that is worsening every day. Get real,” he tweeted.

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