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‘Ted Cruise, You Owe Me Money’: Ted Cruz Accused Of Theft During Failed Attempt To Attack Biden



Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who is known for his outrageous efforts to “own the liberals” with culture war stunts, got humiliated on Twitter after trying to pull off another fake controversy against President Joe Biden.

After Biden gave Americans a Fourth of July goal for re-opening and grilling with family, Cruz attempted to turn it into a war on barbeque. It didn’t go well.

After Cruz pushed his message complete with “come and take it,” he was accused by Twitter user @uncledoomer of stealing the image. And @uncledoomer brought receipts, posting a link to a May 24, 2020 tweet showing a T-shirt a remarkably similar image of a steak on a grill.

He also said the Texas Republican owes him money.

Check Ted Cruz’s tweet and the response below.