Tag: right-wing violence

FBI Sounds The Alarm After Far Right Gun Group Invokes ‘Firepower We Have To Unload’ On Democrats

Federal law enforcement agencies are warning of violence ahead of the midterms, saying a far-right gun group is targeting Democratic…

Carl Anthony 4 Min Read

Case Dismissed: Denver Security Guard Who Shot Right-Wing ‘Patriot’ Who Slapped Him Is Free To Go

A private security guard who was accused of shooting and killing a right-wing protester in downtown Denver in 2020 has…

Carl Anthony 1 Min Read

‘I Want To Make It Harder To Vote In America, Not Easier’: Pro-Trump Conservative Pushes For Voter Suppression

Right-wing commentator Josh Bernstein posted a video to his website over the weekend calling for the states to ramp up…

Carl Anthony 2 Min Read

Bill Barr Is Eerily Quiet After Right-Wing Terrorists Plot Was Foiled By The FBI

For months, Attorney General William Barr and President Donald Trump have sought to highlight alleged left-wing violence in the wake…

Carl Anthony 3 Min Read
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