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Legal Analyst Flags Judge Cannon’s Latest ‘Bias’ Move in Trump Case

Legal analyst Joyce Vance has voiced concerns about a closed-door meeting between Judge Aileen Cannon and special counsel Jack Smith,…

Staff Writer 4 Min Read

Appeals Court Dilemma: Let Trump Off The Hook For His Crimes or Throw Him to The Wolves

In the echoing chambers of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, a high-stakes legal battle is…

Staff Writer 3 Min Read

‘It Can Only Really Mean One Thing’: Jen Psaki Spots The Moment Trump Showed That ‘He’s Scared’

Jen Psaki from MSNBC said Donald Trump is displaying an "uncommon" manifestation of fear amid his mounting legal problems. Trump…

Staff Writer 2 Min Read

‘I Can’t Buy Tylenol’: Eric Trump Links Pharmacies To Father’s Indictment And Twitter Laughs

Eric Trump, the second-eldest son of former President Donald Trump, triggered an avalanche of mockery on Twitter after linking his…

Staff Writer 3 Min Read

Barricades Placed Outside Manhattan Criminal Court Ahead Of Possible Trump Arrest

New York authorities have placed Barricades outside the Manhattan Criminal Court Monday morning as the city braces for potential charges…

Staff Writer 3 Min Read
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