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‘I Can’t Buy Tylenol’: Eric Trump Links Pharmacies To Father’s Indictment And Twitter Laughs



Eric Trump, the second-eldest son of former President Donald Trump, triggered an avalanche of mockery on Twitter after linking his father’s criminal indictment to pharmacies’ shoplifting protections in an interview on Fox News.

“This is a city – I spend a lot of time in New York – that is falling apart,” Eric Trump said. “I went into literally CVS the other day, and you can’t buy Tylenol because it’s locked behind these glass counters because there’s so much theft, there’s so much looting and homelessness and crime, but yet their attention is going after Donald Trump.”

Trump’s apparent belief that New York prosecutors like Alvin Bragg should focus on making sure pharmacies like CVS feel free to display their Tylenol in the open air instead of paying attention to his father’s behavior was met with laughter on social media.

“I can understand his frustration. They lock up his dad for being a criminal, but what did Tylenol do?” one user asked.

“Maybe try the regular CVS instead of the literally one, Big Fella,” user Mollie Katzen said.

“Maybe Eric it’s because CVS knows you stole money from kids with cancer,” another user wrote.

Watch Eric Trump’s interview and some of the reactions below:


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