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‘It Can Only Really Mean One Thing’: Jen Psaki Spots The Moment Trump Showed That ‘He’s Scared’



Jen Psaki
Jen Psaki discusses Donald Trump's legal problems during her show on MSNBC. (Screenshot)

Jen Psaki from MSNBC said Donald Trump is displaying an “uncommon” manifestation of fear amid his mounting legal problems.

Trump is facing charges in New York on state grounds, in addition to two federal cases and a recent indictment in Georgia, totaling 91 felony counts, as noted by Psaki. She highlighted that Trump’s current state of apprehension is somewhat atypical for him, especially when observed publicly.

“Right now, Trump seems worried in a way that’s sorta unusual for him, at least publicly,” Psaki said.

Psaki drew attention to Trump’s initial plan of holding a significant press conference on Monday, during which he asserted he would unveil a conclusive report leading to complete exoneration. However, he later canceled this event, citing advice from his legal counsel.

She pointed out that Trump heeding his attorneys’ advice is novel, given his past tendency to disregard legal counsel.

Psaki asserted that this circumstance implies one clear thing: Trump is experiencing fear. She added that this apprehension is justified and that he should indeed be concerned. According to her, Trump is presently employing tactics of postponement, diversion, and counterattack against the prosecutors.

“Just think about that for a moment,” she said. “It can only really mean one thing: He’s scared. And frankly, he should be.”

She noted that Trump is now trying to delay, distract and attack the prosecutors. Nevertheless, Psaki emphasized that the individuals with the ultimate say in his fate are not the prosecutors, but rather the everyday citizens who constitute the juries in his cases. She pointed out that these indictments were returned by citizens participating in grand juries, and similarly, citizens will determine his culpability.

Take a look at the segment below:


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