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The Supreme Court: Political Thuggery Disguised as Jurisprudence. It Must Be Stopped

The Supreme Court of the United States, once revered as the ultimate arbiter of law and justice, has instead become…

Staff Writer 5 Min Read

US Generals Unite Against Trump: 19 Four-Star Military Leaders Denounce Immunity Claims as ‘Threat to Democracy’

The generals sided with Jack Smith, telling the Supreme Court that Trump’s immunity claims are "an assault" on democracy

Staff Writer 5 Min Read

We Need a Pro-Democracy Movement… ASAP

In 2024, it is almost impossible not to draw parallels between the current atmosphere and Germany in 1933—a period marked…

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Tyranny of The Minority: New Book Exposes Political ‘Assassins’ Quietly Threatening American Democracy

The narrative presented in “Tyranny of the Minority: Why American Democracy Reached the Breaking Point,” by Steve Levitsky and Daniel…

Staff Writer 5 Min Read

Biden Dismantles Trump’s Lies In Monumental Democracy Speech

President Biden on Wednesday delivered a rousing speech in support of Democracy in which he went after former President Trump…

Carl Anthony 3 Min Read

Supreme Court’s Latest Move Is The Gravest Threat To American Democracy Since Jan 6

The Supreme Court’s move to hear Moore v. Harper, a case that could concentrate an unprecedented amount of power in…

Carl Anthony 11 Min Read

Experts Warn ‘A Coup Is Underway’, Say Trump’s Attempt To Remain In Power Could Unleash Civil War

An article published by Common Dreams on Thursday cites several political historians and other experts who warned that President Donald…

Carl Anthony 7 Min Read
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