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Judge Cannon Opens Hearings on Trump’s Special Counsel Claims, Welcomes Right-Wing Groups to Argue in His Defense

Judge Aileen Cannon is set to embark on a three-day marathon of hearings heavily favoring Donald Trump and his allies,…

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Judge Aileen Cannon Denies Trump’s Motion to Dismiss Charges, But Removes Paragraph From Indictment

In a significant ruling in the classified documents case against Donald Trump and his co-defendants, District Judge Aileen Cannon has…

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Judge Cannon’s Latest Maneuver Raises Suspicions of Sabotage in Trump Case

Judge Aileen Cannon’s recent decision to allow oral arguments in the Trump case reeks of deliberate sabotage. This move, which…

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Judge Cannon’s Latest Ruling Shields Trump, Allows Dangerous Truth Social Posts Endangering Law Enforcement Officers

In another controversial decision that highlights her bias towards former President Donald Trump, Judge Aileen Cannon on Tuesday rejected a…

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Judge Cannon Holds First Hearing Since Delaying Trump Classified Docs Trial, Quickly Targets Prosecutors

As the Manhattan hush money case against Donald Trump approaches its conclusion, a new phase of pretrial activity begins Wednesday…

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Judge Cannon Lambasts Special Counsel Jack Smith in Latest Trump Filing

In the ongoing legal saga surrounding Donald Trump's concealed documents in Florida, Judge Aileen Cannon has unleashed a blistering critique…

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Legal Experts Trash Aileen Cannon, Demand Her Removal For Protecting Trump

Legal experts are lambasting Florida Judge Aileen Cannon for her handling of Donald Trump's trial involving classified documents, criticizing her…

Staff Writer 5 Min Read

Judge Cannon Grants Trump ‘Indefinite Trial Delay’ in Classified Documents Case

Judge Aileen Cannon's recent actions have sparked outrage as she granted Donald Trump what can only be described as an…

Staff Writer 3 Min Read

Special Counsel Mulls ‘Nuclear Option’ to Remove Judge Cannon From Trump Classified Docs Case

Special Counsel Jack Smith's office has expressed frustration with Judge Aileen Cannon's handling of the case, particularly regarding the pace…

Staff Writer 4 Min Read

Legal Charade: How Judge Cannon’s Maneuvering Shields Trump From Justice

The disgraceful legacy of judge Cannon's handling of the Trump case.

Staff Writer 4 Min Read
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