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Susan Collins Slammed For Suddenly ‘Caring’ About Migrant Children While Ignoring Them Under Trump



Susan Collins slammed

GOP Sen. Susan Collins in a series of tweets on Thursday called the conditions at the southern border and the “huge influx” of migrants a “crisis.” But her tweets were met with fierce backlash for suddenly “caring” about migrant children while ignoring the crisis under the Trump administration.

“I spent the last 3 hours with Border Patrol on night shift in McAllen, TX,” Collins tweeted. “18 Senators learning about the huge influx, 3,000 people per day, including unaccompanied children, illegally entering.”

“Mexican cartels control who crosses the border. A young mother from Guatemala, sitting on an aluminum blanket with her 1-year-old, told me she paid smugglers $6,000,” Collins said.

“Border Patrol is overwhelmed, overworked, & discouraged by new policies,” she added. “Agents took us through a dangerous path to the Rio Grande where we could hear the Cartel members taunting us across the river,” said Collins. “Human trafficking, child abuse, & drug smuggling are rampant. This is a crisis.”

While Republicans are arguing the influx of migrants is due to Biden’s policies, Democrats are saying this is a normal influx because it is safer to cross the border in the spring due to the desert temperatures not being too hot.

Biden at his first press conference as president on Thursday said the situation was unacceptable but said the wave of migrants wasn’t happening because he’s “a nice guy.”

“I’d like to think it’s because I’m a nice guy, but it’s not,” Biden said. “It happens every year.”

The Biden administration has had to open up six facilities in the past month in order to accommodate the number of migrants crossing the border. Three of those sites are dedicated to housing unaccompanied children.

Read Sen. Collins’s tweets and some of the responses below.


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