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Survey Finds ‘Almost No One Wants Trump As A Neighbor’ After He Leaves Office



Donald Trump has added another problem to his list of problems that he will face once leaving office. According to a new survey, people don’t want Trump to be their neighbor once he becomes a private citizen again.

“This week, The Post reported that a lawyer for the evangelical DeMoss family, President Trump’s next-door neighbor at Mar-a-Lago, had submitted a letter to the town of Palm Beach pointing out that an agreement Trump signed with the town decades ago forbids anyone — including the soon-to-be-former president — from using the property as a primary residence,” Olen noted. “This presents a practical issue for Trump: In 2019, he changed his legal residence to the private club.”

That may occur wherever Trump attempts to live.

“Trump, you will be unsurprised to learn, is not the sort of person you want living next door. Almost everywhere he goes, the neighbors want him gone. Think of it this way: Would you want to reside near someone who not only attracts protesters but needs them tear-gassed so he can stage a photo op? Or one who hosts covid-19 superspreader events?” Olen asked. “When you check a survey put together by about the most common neighbor disputes and complaints, Trump — whether through his businesses or personal life — pretty much checks the box on every one.”

Trump, even at his best, simply isn’t neighborly.

“A good neighbor is friendly, willing to help out in a pinch and earns trust by demonstrating respect for rules, boundaries and differences over time. They apologize if they cause an inconvenience or done wrong. Trump, in his presidency or in his business dealings, does none of this. Almost no one, if they have a choice, wants a neighbor like Trump,” Olen concluded.

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