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Supreme Court Leaves Graham In The Cold, Dissolves Clarence Thomas’ Hold On Georgia Subpoena



Lindsey Graham

The Supreme Court on Tuesday lifted a temporary hold on Sen. Lindsey Graham’s testimony in a Georgia investigation of possible illegal interference in the 2020 election by then-President Donald Trump and his allies in the state.

The ruling dissolves the temporary hold placed by Justice Clarence Thomas on Graham’s testimony while he and his colleagues weighed the arguments, thus leaving no legal impediments in the way of Graham’s appearance before a special grand jury, now scheduled for Nov. 17, according to The Huffington Post.

The ruling comes weeks after Lower courts had rebuffed the South Carolina senator’s plea for a pause while the legal case plays out.

Graham, a top Trump ally, had argued that a provision of the Constitution, the speech and debate clause, shields him from being forced to testify.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis had told the justices that “the delay resulting from a stay would be unavoidably harmful” to the grand jury investigation. The justices agreed and cleared the way for Graham’s testimony.


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