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Stephen Miller Reportedly Threw Trump Under The Bus During Jan 6 Testimony



Stephen Miller

Former Donald Trump senior advisor Stephen Miller reportedly admitted to the January 6 Committee that then-president Donald Trump and his allies “openly, talked up a plot to steal the election with fraudulent electors,” according to MSNBC’s chief legal correspondent Ari Melber.

As Miller testified before House investigators, Melber broke down why Miller’s public statements following Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign defeat matter and revealed that Miller ended up admitting to Trump’s coup attempt.

“This all began and was actually seeping out in little ways into the public days before the insurrection. That’s when Stephen Miller began one of the first confessions of the tactics that would amount to a thwarted coup,” Melber explained.

“At the time, it might have sounded like more puffery and rhetoric from this ship of fools that was going down a legal ocean, but in fact, I bring it back up tonight because, well, Stephen Miller is under a lot of pressure tonight and the fact is he was actually admitting specific tactics then — days before January 6th — about their plot to overthrow democracy,” he added as rolled video of Miller discussing a plot for “alternative electors” during a Dec. 14, 2020 appearance on Fox News.

“What Miller admitted there matters,” Melber said. “It shows how far he would go for Trump and it was not until many months later we learned how serious that fraudulent electors plot was,”

The MSNBC anchor then played a second clip of Miller, this time talking to Lou Dobbs on Fox Business, urging tens of millions of ballots to be tossed out.

Watch the segment below: