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‘Sorry, Jared, There’s Nothing I Can Do’: Rupert Murdoch Deflated Trump In Tense Election Night Call With Kushner: Report



Rupert Murdoch

On election night in 2020, Donald Trump’s son-in-law personally called Rupert Murdoch demanding an explanation for Fox News’ decision to call Arizona for Joe Biden on election night, after Fox enraged the former president by calling the state in his opponent’s favor. But the media tycoon justified the decision, telling Kushner that “the numbers are ironclad—it’s not even close,” according to a report on Kushner’s forthcoming memoir.

“The shocking projection brought our momentum to a screeching halt,” Kushner reportedly writes in the book.

In his book, Kushner also claims that Trump’s second chief of staff, John F. Kelly, shoved Kushner’s wife, Ivanka Trump, in the White House, according to The Washington Post.

“Ivanka was walking down the main hallway in the West Wing when she passed him,” Kushner reportedly writes. “Unaware of his heated state of mind, she said, ‘Hello, chief.’ Kelly shoved her out of the way and stormed by. She wasn’t hurt, and didn’t make a big deal about the altercation, but in his rage Kelly had shown his true character.”

Read the excerpt from the book below: