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So Why Does Trump Keep on Getting Away With it?



Former president Donald Trump
Former president Donald Trump. (Image: Daily Boulder)

Donald Trump’s uncanny knack for consistently avoiding the repercussions of his actions and misconduct leaves many bewildered and puzzled. It’s as though he possesses a unique ability to sidestep consequences, and his decision to skip yet another Republican presidential debate serves as a stark example of this enigma.

Intriguingly, Trump’s talent for evading accountability is currently facing its most perplexing challenge yet—courts of law. A New York judge’s recent ruling holding Trump and his adult sons liable for fraud in a civil case poses a severe threat to the Trump Organization’s future. This legal conundrum is compounded by the impending specter of four criminal trials in unrelated matters.

While Trump might not have direct control over his legal destiny, his political fate remains firmly within his grasp. He has, in a confounding manner, consistently upended political norms, reshaped the Republican Party to reflect his persona, and masterfully framed legal actions against him as part of a broader, biased assault on his presidency and the justice system.

His magnetic charisma has silenced internal GOP critics and forged an inexplicable cult of personality that shields him from party infighting. By persistently casting doubt on the legitimacy of U.S. elections, Trump has somehow managed to persuade millions of his supporters that he is a victim of widespread voter fraud.

Consequently, Trump faces little to no risk in boycotting events like the recent debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Even though it essentially amounted to a contest for second place, no challenger emerged to confront Trump’s towering lead in primary polls. It is baffling that during this debate, no candidate appeared willing to deliver the kind of piercing critique that could erode Trump’s standing among GOP voters. Only those with minimal support dared to challenge him, while others like Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley hesitated to directly confront the growing extremism within the ex-president’s platform.

Cassidy Hutchinson, a former aide to White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, added to the intrigue by marveling at Trump’s grip on the party and wondering why others capitulated to his actions. She raised perplexing questions about the 2024 candidates, expressing concerns that they were willing to relinquish key principles in their alignment with Trump.

Despite Trump’s actions, which would have seemingly torpedoed the prospects of any other presidential candidate, his political immunity remains an enigma. He has brazenly threatened military leaders, openly contemplated using the Justice Department against political foes, and ceaselessly propagated false claims about the 2020 election. Yet, it remains baffling that Trump’s GOP rivals have largely remained reticent.

However, the most baffling aspect of Trump’s enigmatic aura is his remarkable ability to remain untouchable, primarily because the Republican Party consistently hesitates to hold him accountable. Party leaders, bafflingly, appear swayed by his massive base of support, often facing a peculiar choice between condemning Trump and preserving their own political careers. Those who have dared to defy him, like Jeff Flake, Liz Cheney, and Mitt Romney, have either been driven from office or faced bewildering challenges.