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SNL’s Cold Open: Ketanji Brown Jackson And Ruth Bader Ginsburg Shame Ted Cruz



SNL Ted Cruz

This week’s edition of Saturday Night Live opened at the White House, where James Austin Johnson’s Joe Biden was congratulating new Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson (Ego Nwodim) on her historic confirmation. When Biden left the room for a news briefing, Jackson was joined by some of the “great Americans” who came before her, starting with the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, as played by Kate McKinnon.

Jackson asked Ginsburg for some advice as she gets ready to join the Hight Court.

“Here’s my advice,” Ginsburg told her. “Always label your lunches. Some of those justices have sticky fingers. Second, if you are anything like me, white ladies will start wearing buttons of your face like an ‘I Voted’ sticker. It’s freaky, but they mean well.”

Ginsburg, who was confirmed with a vote of 96-3, was surprised to hear that Jackson had a much harder road and in the end only three Republicans supported her. Or as she put it, “A lot of them walked out and one guy kept asking me if babies are racist.”

“Ted Cruz?” Ginsburg asked.

“Yes,” Jackson replied before explaining that Cruz used his time “to read a children’s book at her.”

Ginsburg then said: “Well, it was Ted Cruz, so I bet the book was called ‘Good Night Cancun.’ That’s a Gins-burn!”

Watch the video below: