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‘She Got Played’: Marjorie Taylor Greene Ridiculed After Her Heckling Of Biden Backfires



Marjorie Taylor Greene

Georgia far-right Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is being trashed online over her political stunts before and during President Joe Biden’s State of The Union speech on Tuesday.

Hours before Biden’s speech, Greene was seen patrolling the halls of Congress with a large white balloon in reference to Republican criticism of the president over his handling of a Chinese surveillance dirigible that was shot down by the military last week.

“Just an innocent white balloon everybody,” the conspiracy theorist said as she approached a horde of reporters.

Greene did not have her balloon with her in the chamber. But she made a scene in the back row, screaming and interrupting the president multiple times.

“Liar!” Greene yelled after Biden accused Republicans of threatening social security and Medicare.

As expected, Twitter users wasted no time in sharing their opinion about Greene’s behavior.

“That woman (and I use the term loosely) is a disgrace,” one user wrote.

“#MTG is a classless, adulterous, conspiracy loving, insurrection supporting liar,” another user tweeted.

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