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GOP Senator Compares Trump-Fueled Riot To ‘Touching Hot Stove’



On Sunday, Sen. Roy Blunt, of Missouri, likened the violent and deadly riot incited by President Donald Trump to touching a “hot stove” and said that he is “unlikely to touch it again” (video below).

“I think the president and his actions on that day and leading up to this topic were clearly reckless,” Blunt told CBS anchor Margaret Brennan when asked if the president is a danger to the country.

“This was a tragic day for the country and the president had some involvement in that,” he added.

“Are Republican leaders going to hold him accountable in any way for it?” Brennan asked.

“The president should be very careful over the next ten days,” Blunt said. “Now my personal view is that the president touched the hot stove on Wednesday and is unlikely to touch it again.”

But Brennan would not let him dodge the question:

“And if that’s the case — every day we get closer to the last day of his presidency,” he continued. “We should be thinking more about the first day of the next presidency,” he said.

“You don’t believe he has committed an impeachable offense?” Brennan pressed.

“That’s not really the question,” Blunt insisted.

“Well, that’s my question,” the CBS host quipped.

“Well, I’m giving you my answer,” Blunt griped. “This is more of a longterm punishment of the president than trying to remove him from office. That’s when the politics take over and protecting the government is left behind.”

Watch the interview below via CBS News.