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Sen. John Kennedy Tells Fox News Viewers To ‘Build Fallout Shelter’ If Biden Wins Because ‘The Wolves’ Will Come



During an interview on Fox News Monday night, Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) advised Americans to “build a fallout shelter” if Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden wins the election in November.

“The vice president says he will transform America. He will and the American people will pay a fearsome price,” Kennedy, told right-wing host Sean Hannity.

Kennedy said that Biden’s foreign policy is “hugs and hot cocoa” for America’s enemies.

“Build a fallout shelter. You’ll need it. Weakness invites the wolves,” Kennedy said, prompting Hannity to laugh.

Kennedy said Biden’s domestic policy calls for Americans to surrender their money and freedom “to Washington.”

“If you want 52 weeks of vacation a year, vote for [Biden] because he’s going to bankrupt your employer. Here is what he says to our young people: finish school, get a job, and work hard so I, Vice President Biden, can give it to someone who didn’t. Finally, I think he will eviscerate our health care delivery system.”



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