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Sean Hannity: Like George Floyd, Donald Trump Is Also A Victim Of ‘Crooked Cops’ —’But I’m Not Making Any Comparison’



As protests over the murder of George Floyd spread across the globe, Fox News host Sean Hannity turned the spotlight on what he calls “another victim of crooked cops: Donald Trump.

During a segment on a supposed “deep state” conspiracy to undermine Trump, Hannity appeared to compare the supposed victimization of Trump to that of Floyd.

“Even the president himself ― it’s not the same thing as what happened to George Floyd ― but it’s horrific,” he said, “He was a victim of crooked cops.”

Hannity said that it wasn’t the same circumstances but then also repeated the claim.

“I’m not making any comparison,” he said in a clip posted online by the progressive watchdog organization Media Matters. “A bad cop is a bad cop, and by all means the damage was real to the country.”


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