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Sean Hannity Goes After Obama In Hot Meltdown After Former President Endorses Biden



Fox News pundit Sean Hannity hit back at former President Barack Obama late Tuesday after Obama appeared to criticize the network in a video message released hours earlier.

The right-wing host accused Obama of being fixated with Fox News after the former president referred to the conservative cable network as a “propaganda” outlet.

Mr. Obama “can’t get Fox News out of his head,” the host of “Hannity” said during the latest episode of his opinion program.

“He can’t. We live in his mind,” Mr. Hannity said. “Me, yours truly, I live in his mind!”

Without mentioning Fox News by name, Obama seemed to suggest that the right-leaning cable network will play a pivotal role in helping President Trump’s reelection campaign.

“So our country’s future hangs on this election, and it won’t be easy,” Mr. Obama said in the video. “The other side has a propaganda network with little regard for the truth.”

Obama made the remarks in a video announcing his endorsement of his former vice president Joe Biden for president.