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Sean Hannity Bewildered By Giuliani’s Theory That Election Fraud Was Orchestrated From Frankfurt, Germany



Rudy Giuliani managed to outdo himself during an interview on Fox News on Thursday night as he unveiled a new conspiracy theory claiming that Democrats orchestrated the election fraud that took down Trump from Frankfurt, Germany.

The former New York Mayor also called for someone to “cut the head off” the Democrats while making a throat-slashing gesture on live TV.

Speaking to Fox News host Sean Hannity, Giuliani claimed, without evidence, that an election company in Germany had told Biden’s campaign to “come up with a lot more ballots” in the early stages of the presidential election.

Giuliani then said: “These people want to destroy us. They’re very, very bad people. They’re not ordinary Democrats.

“There are wonderful Democrats in this country. They may disagree with you and me, you know them.

“Somehow the Democrat party was hijacked by Clinton and since then it’s gone more corrupt, and more corrupt, and more corrupt.

He then added “Somebody’s got to cut the head off,” while making a throat-slitting gesture.

Confounded by Giuliani’s comments, Hannity brought the interview to an end as Giuliani continued his rambling commentaty.

“I’m not trying to cut you off,” Hannity insisted that before moving on to the next segment.

The interview came on the same day as Giuliani took part in a bizarre press conference on Thursday, in which he repeated the Trump campaign’s baseless claim that widespread voter fraud and tampering had cost him this month’s presidential election.