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Joe Scarborough Slams ‘Rich, Spoiled, Whining Republicans’ For Playing Victims, Warns They Pose a Threat To Democracy



MSNBC host Joe Scarborough slammed President Donald Trump and “whining Republicans” for playing the victim over the result of the elections and warned that Trump’s alternate reality where he and other wealthy white people are victims is a real threat to democracy.

Trump’s claim of victimhood at his Georgia rally alarmed the “Morning Joe” host so deeply that he had to respond.

“I don’t think we should ever play that man and the spreading of the lies,” Scarborough said, as video from the event concluded. “I think that last clip, though, was worthy of being played where he talked about how he’s a victim and we’re all victims, and this has been the Republican Party’s strategy now for the past 25 years. They’re victims, these rich, spoiled, white billionaires are victims. Rich, spoiled, white multimillionaires are victims. They’re all victims, people that fly around in private jets are victims. The people that belong to exclusive country clubs are victims. The people like Donald Trump who were born rich, screwed up, will die rich anyway because they have a safety net of daddy’s money, they have trust funds — they’re all victims.”

“How sad and how pathetic and how grotesque that they have convinced themselves — they do, I hear it every day,” Scarborough added. “I hear it every day. Rich lawyers, rich doctors, rich professionals — rich guys all talking about what victims they are, ‘Hollywood’s victimizing me.’ Hold on a second. I’m going to go out and buy, you know, another like $80,000, $100,000 car, you know? ‘Oh, I’m a victim.’ All they do is they talk about being victims.”

Scarborough warned that Trump has conjured up an alternate reality where he and other wealthy white people are victims, and he’s worried about the threat that poses to democracy.

“You have an alternate reality there,” he said. “You have all of these people, all of the overwhelming majority of white people and the leaders, all these — I swear to God, it’s unbelievable. All of these whining Republican leaders that went to Ivy League schools, I won’t name their names because they’re not worth it. I don’t want to actually give them actually the benefit of having their names repeated on our show, but all of these rich white guys that went to Harvard Law School and went to Yale and, like, Donald Trump went to Penn, and just all of them went to the military academies, all whining about their victimhood. What wusses, how unmanly, how weak, how pathetic to constantly talk about your victimhood status.”

“It’s all you’ve done for a quarter of a century, and again, the great irony that’s what you use to accuse Democrats of doing,” he added. “That’s what you used to accuse your opponents of doing, of playing the politics of victimhood and now it is you. It is just as sad and weak and pathetic as when you’re doing it, and when your political opponents who went to Harvard and Yale and Princeton and had trust fund accounts from their rich daddies. It was just as pathetic then as it is now, but it’s you who are doing it now and you’re trying to use your fake victimhood to steal an American election and undermine American democracy. It is, in a word, sick.”