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Joe Scarborough Rips ‘Deeply Disturbed Senior Citizen’ Trump For Spending Weekend Tweeting Like a Maniac While People Died



On Monday morning, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough blasted President Donald Trump as a “deeply disturbed senior citizen,” for spending the weekend frantically tweeting attacks on his perceived enemies as the coronavirus pandemic claimed the lives of more than 80,000 Americans.

Scarborough went off on a long rant about Donald Trump on Monday morning, lashing out at the president for spending the weekend frantically tweeting attacks on his perceived enemies when he wasn’t retweeting fans praising him.

All as the coronavirus pandemic death toll passed 80,000 American lives.

Speaking with co-host Mika Brzezinski and MSNBC regular Rev. Al Sharpton, Scarborough went off on a long rant about Trump’s lack of leadership, noting that the president was wasting time last week attacking him on Twitter, calling the presidential efforts “sad.”

The “Morning Joe” host said the president is beginning to sound like a “deeply disturbed senior citizen,” and that will cripple Republicans at the polls in November.

“We could face this crisis far better if Donald Trump did leave office,” Scarborough insisted. “That’s not going to happen. But, you know, we’re not talking about 50 Republicans here. We’re not talking about 30 Republicans, five Republicans going over there, saying, “Mr. President, we’re not asking you to leave, we’re just asking you to do your job. We have people suffering in our districts, we have people suffering in our states, we have to get people back to work, but your own doctors having telling you for months now, that can’t happen without a robust testing regimen, where we can test and trace, Mr. President. You keep refusing to do that. You’re the only person in this government that can have a national approach to testing, to tracing, to treating, to doing the sort of things that we need to do to reopen our economies, to save our businesses in our states.’”

“The remarkable thing is, by doing nothing, by letting the president be reckless, by tweeting like some, just, deeply disturbed senior citizen, I mean, they’re just hurting themselves even more,” the MSNBC host continued. “There’s no surviving this for so many of these Republican senators. There were articles all weekend, where Republican senators and Republican consultants were saying they’re going to get washed away in a landslide, swept away in a tidal wave this fall in the elections. yet, they’re doing nothing.”

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