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Scammer Televangelist Who Sold Fake Coronavirus ‘Cure’ Suffered Stroke, Wife Says



Televangelist Jim Bakker, who was recently sued by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt for claiming a silver product could kill coronavirus, is now recovering after suffering a stroke, according to his wife Lori Bakker.

“We are thankful that Jim is okay, and that he is now at home with our family,” she wrote in a Facebook post from the show’s page. “Jim will be back!”

Bakker recently came under fire for selling a product on his show called “Silver Solution.”

Bakker claimed that the product would eliminate the coronavirus from the body within hours.

In March, Schmitt, the Missouri Attorney General, sued Bakker and “The Jim Bakker Show” production company for misrepresenting “Silver Solution” as a coronavirus cure.

“Anyone who has bought ‘Silver Solution’ from ‘The Jim Bakker Show’ should know that it cannot cure or treat coronavirus,” the Missouri Attorney General office announced in a statement.

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