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Sarah Sanders Tells Fox News COVID-19 Numbers Would Be ‘Much Worse’ If Trump Wasn’t President: Watch



According to former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, we would be experiencing a much worse pandemic if Donald Trump wasn’t the president of the United States.

Appearing on Fox & Friends on Tuesday, Sanders tried to defend Trump while more than 125,000 Americans lost their lives to COVID-19.

Host Steve Doocy claimed that Democrats could use the “heartbreaking” coronavirus deaths against Trump in November.

“I think if Donald Trump hadn’t been president, that number could’ve been much higher, and could’ve been much worse,” Sanders replied. “Thankfully the president took some early steps, like stopping travel — which a lot of Democrats criticized him for.”

“One of the other things that Donald Trump did that I think was truly remarkable, that he gets no credit for, is that he got government out of the way,” she continued. “He allowed American companies to step up — American ingenuity to take over, when we needed supplies and resources. He cut the red tape, and let Americans do what they do best.”

Take a look at her remarks in the video clip below:

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