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Russian Ambassador Drenched In Red Paint By Crowd Shouting ‘Fascist’



Russian ambassador Sergey Andreyev attacked

On Monday, Russia’s ambassador to Poland Sergey Andreyev was doused in red paint by a crowd of protesters who surrounded him while chanting “fascist” while he was honoring Soviet Union soldiers killed during World War II at the Mausoleum of Soviet Soldiers in Warsaw. Andreyev was forced to flee from the venue humiliated, multiple news outlets reported.

Images and footage posted online show Andreyev wiping paint from his eye but not offering a big reaction as demonstrators display Ukraine flags to show their support for the war-torn country. Some protesters were dressed in white sheets smeared with blood, symbolizing Ukrainian suffering, noted Metro UK.

The incident comes on a pivotal day for Vladimir Putin, who claimed during his long-awaited Victory Day celebration that had to invade Ukraine as the West was “preparing for an invasion of our country.”

“Nato is actively pursuing our territory. That is absolutely unacceptable to us”, Putin alleged. “We are talking about neo-Nazis in Ukraine that the US and its partners are working with.”

He added: “Ukraine is receiving the most modern weaponry from Nato. The decision for this special military operation was forced and was the only correct decision.”

Russian ambassador Sergey Andreyev attacked

Russian ambassador Sergey Andreyev attacked with red paint in Poland. Source: Imgur.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has claimed the ambush, as well as other attacks on Soviet-era WWII memorials and cemeteries, came from ‘supporters of neo-Nazism.’

British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace dismissed Putin’s false claim, saying he simply wants “to intimidate the world.”