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Putin Threatens To ‘Nationalize’ Apple, Microsoft, IKEA, McDonald’s For Cutting Ties With Russia



Vladimir Putin

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is threatening to nationalize 59 foreign companies that have suspended operations in Russia since February 24 when the invasion of Ukraine began. McDonald’s, IKEA, and Apple are among the companies Russia is considering nationalizing, The Jerusalem Post reports.

“A list of foreign companies has been sent to the government and the Prosecutor General’s Office that can be nationalized due to the cessation of their work in Russia,” Oleg Pavlov, head of the Public Consumer Initiative organization said, according to the report.

Pavlov also said that administrative, criminal, and judicial procedures could be brought against the companies.

The move comes as a response to many companies cutting ties with Russia in line with international sanctions, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, The Post noted.

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