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Rudy Giuliani Brags About Using ‘Little Dirty Trick’ To Suppress Hispanic Vote



Rudy Giuliani on Saturday bragged about using a “little dirty trick” to suppress votes from certain communities.

The disgraced former New York mayor, who recently urged supporters of Donald Trump to send his former client at least one dollar to improve his morale after being indicted by a New York grand jury, was on America’s Mayor Live speaking with MAGA personalities Steve Bannon and Kari Lake when he said he would share a “dirty little trick” with them.

“A dirty trick in New York? I’m shocked,” Bannon replied.

“By Republicans!” Giuliani answered before elaborating on the trick, which he says he used exclusively in Hispanic communities with a high level of success in suppressing the vote.

Giuliani explained how his team specifically went to Hispanic neighborhoods and handed out cards suggesting that voters should bring green cards or risk being picked up by INS.

“After the election, the Clinton civil rights division investigated me,” Giuliani said in a clip, in a clip published by the Guardian.

“Think about it. What civil rights did we violate?” Giuliani says he explained at the time he learned about the government probe.

“They don’t have civil rights,” Giuliani said, speaking of undocumented immigrants. “All we did was prevent people who can’t vote from voting.”

He added, “Maybe we tricked them, but tricking is not a crime.”

Watch the video below.


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