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Ron Johnson Whines That He Has ‘Only’ Doubled His Net Worth Since Being Elected To Congress



Sen. Ron Johnson

Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin is apparently not happy that he’s “only” doubled his net worth since first getting elected to Congress.

“Most people increased their net worth, you know, 3.8 times, that’s what the S&P index increased,” Johnson said during an interview with talk radio station WSAU. “So the fact that I’ve only gone up only double, I’ve way underperformed the market,” he added.

Yup. Sen. Johnson believes he’s getting a raw deal for “only” doubling his money since taking office in 2010.

To be clear, most Americans haven’t seen their net worth nearly quadruple over the last decade based on the growth of the S&P 500 stock market index as Johnson falsely claimed.

Johnson said the reason he “only” doubled his net worth over the last 12 years was that he turned all of his marketable securities into cash “so there could be no conflict of interest.”

Listen to the interview below.

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