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Robert Jeffress Says Jerry Falwell’s Wife Slept With Pool Boy To Save Him From Satan



Texas megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress spoke with OneNewsNow this week and addressed the recent news story surrounding Liberty University’s lawsuit against its former president, Jerry Falwell Jr., for withholding scandalous and potentially damaging information from Liberty’s board of trustees as he negotiated a generous severance package.

Jeffress said there should be two responses from Christians on the matter.

“First of all, nobody should rejoice in the downfall of another person. We should be praying for Jerry, his family, [and] for the Liberty University family as a whole,” Jeffress told OneNewsNow. “Secondly, we need to remember that none of us is immune from falling into sin. We can all fall. It usually never happens immediately. It’s a slow erosion of our souls over a long period of time that leads to a final collapse.”

According to Jeffress, high-profile Christians are a “special target of Satan.”

“In [Satan’s] crosshairs would be every Christian, but certainly those who have a public ministry and are well known by others,” he said. “We’re all joined together with other Christians, and when one Christian falls, it really does hurt the entire witness of Christ.”