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Right-Wing Radio Host Arrested After Wearing Cap He Stole From Capitol Officer During Jan 6 Attack



Darrell Neely

Capitol rioter Darrell Neely, who runs an online conservative radio station called Global Enlightenment Radio Network, was taken arrested on Monday after he appeared on his YouTube channel and bragged about wearing the cap he stole from a Capitol officer’s head during the January 6 attack.

Three witnesses told the FBI that, just hours after participating in the attempted insurrection, Neely showed off souvenirs he took during the assault —including items he took from Capitol cops while he scuffled with them.

Neely now faces multiple federal counts including, theft of government property, entering a restricted building, disorderly conduct in a restricted building and a Capitol building and demonstrating at a Capitol building.

According to The Washington Post, Neely displayed ” … four china plates, a baseball cap, and a jacket with a silver badge on the front and white letters on the back,” during his chat with his friends and later went as far as to appear on his YouTube channel wearing the cap he reportedly snatched from the law enforcement officer’s head.

The report notes, “The FBI first became aware of Neely’s activity at the Capitol on Jan. 9, when investigators received a tip from someone claiming Neely had entered the building. Agents soon identified him through video footage that showed him in the Capitol while appearing ‘to be holding a marijuana cigarette,’ court documents state. He was also captured leaving the building while holding a cellphone.”

According to court documents, “Witness 1 said during the first call, a portion of which was on video, Neely entered the Capitol and narrated what he was seeing, according to court documents. The second video call was around 5:30 p.m., Witness 1 said, as Neely left Capitol grounds. Witness 2 recalled Neely telling them that he ‘acquired a jacket as a souvenir,’ according to court documents. Witness 1 added that Neely claimed the jacket belonged to a Capitol Police officer.”

Peiser’s report adds, “In the days after the Capitol riot, Neely spoke about his experience at the insurrection, the FBI said. Investigators watched several of his broadcasts and noted that Neely wore a Capitol Police baseball cap in some of the videos.”

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