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Right-Wing ‘Prophet’ Claims Trump Is Still President Because God Told Him So And He Can’t Be Wrong



Trump cultist and self-proclaimed “prophet” Hank Kunneman said last week that Donald Trump must still be president because he predicted that he would win the 2020 election — and there’s no way the prophets who predicted his return to the White House could be wrong.

“President Trump won the election. So, for people to say, ‘Well, people prophesied that he’d win’ — he did win, and so we had a stolen election,” Kunneman said, adding that “President Trump is not going anywhere” and if you don’t like Trump, “that’s your problem because he’s not done talking, and God’s not done with him.”

“I’m sensing very strongly by the signs that God has given … that we are close to justice and righteousness being established,” he said. “What we cannot do is quit, give up, point the finger, and then begin to think, ‘Well, you know what? All of this was just a smokescreen.’ No, that’s what the enemy wants because it’s a sad day if all of God’s messengers, prophets, intercessors, [and] Christians were somehow wrong and the fake news that we know has been fake news were the voice of truth. I don’t think so.”

Take a look at his remarks in the video clip below: