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‘Resign!’: Ron DeSantis Destroyed For Promoting $29K COVID Treatment When Vaccine Is Free



Ron DeSantis

On Thursday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) sparked the ire of the internet after he unveiled a new monoclonal antibody center and urged Floridians to buy the $29,000 dollar treatment in the battle against surging COVID-19 cases in the state, instead of just getting a free vaccine and use a mask.

A monoclonal antibody is a treatment that can help prevent the COVID-19 virus from attaching to host human cells. Medical workers can provide this treatment to patients who are 12 years or older, according to the news release. It costs $1250 a dose, and a complete treatment averages $29,000.

But the outrageous price is not a problem for DeSantis, who shared the state has opened a monoclonal antibody center in Jacksonville, saying that state officials will explore adding other long-term locations outside of Jacksonville.

“Monoclonal antibody treatments such as Regeneron have had a major impact in preventing hospitalizations & saved lives,” DeSantis wrote in a tweet. “We are utilizing monoclonal antibody strike teams to bring treatment directly to our vulnerable populations in long-term care facilities.”

DeSantis’s promotion of Regeneron comes as Florida has become the epicenter of the recent surge of COVID-19 cases in the U.S., as the highly contagious delta variant is hitting the unvaccinated hard.

The Republican governor has been under fire for opposing new COVID restrictions and is at war with state school districts over implementing mask mandates for children.

Naturally, people took to social media to respond to DeSantis’s tone-deaf move.