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Republicans File Emergency Motion Asking Supreme Court To Block Biden’s Win In Pennsylvania: Report



Republicans on Thursday evening filed an emergency petition with the U.S. Supreme Court asking it to stop the certification of election results that show President-elect Joe Biden had won the state of Pennsylvania.

The move came hours after their request for appeal was rejected by Pennsylvania’s highest court, according to the UPI news agency.

“Rep. Mike Kelly and other Republicans filed the petition with the Supreme Court asking it prevent Gov. Tom Wolf and Secretary of the Commonwealth Kathy Boockvar from taking further action to certify the state’s Nov. 3 election results and to nullify those they have already certified,” the report says.

The suit argues Act 77, a law Wolf signed in October of 2019 to expand absentee and mail-in voting, is unconstitutional as it needed to be a constitutional amendment to be legal.

“Act 77 is the Commonwealth’s latest attempt to override through legislation the protective limitations on absentee voting contained in the Pennsylvania Constitution,” the lawsuit states.

“Absent intervention by this Court, Respondents will complete the process of certifying the results of an election, and potentially cast electoral college votes for president and vice president, conducted in a manner, which the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has long rejected as unconstitutional,” it continues, according to top UPI.

Biden won Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes by securing more than 80,000 ballots cast in his name over Donald Trump.

Trump has yet to concede defeat in the presidential election and continues to defiantly promote widely discredited claims of voter fraud.