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Republicans Cry Foul As Mark Pomerantz Pleads The Fifth And Calls Out Jordan’s ‘Political Theater’ At Deposition



Jim Jordan political theater

House Republicans are melting down after former Manhattan prosecutor Mark Pomerantz complied with Jim Jordan’s subpoena in the Alvin Bragg investigation but invoked his Fifth Amendment rights during his deposition before the House Judiciary Committee on Friday and instead slammed the GOP-led panel’s investigation as “political theater” in his opening statement.

Pomerantz called Jordan’s investigation cynical histrionics, and said that he is not legally required to play a role in the House Republican political theater.

“What I do not respect is the use of the Committee’s subpoena power to compel me to participate in an act of political theater,” Pomerantz’s statement reads. “This deposition is for show. I do not believe for a moment that I am here to assist a genuine effort to enact legislation or conduct legislative ‘oversight.’”

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), who sits at the Judiciary Committee House Republicans was outraged at the fact that Pomerantz refused to be part of their spectacle, telling reporters during Friday’s deposition that Pomerantz answered no questions up to that point, calling him an “obstructing witness.”

“The witness has not cooperated in any way, shape, or form, has simply appeared and I would characterize as taking the fifth on every single question. He has answered no substantive questions whatsoever,” said Issa.

“I’ve never had a more obstructive and less cooperative witness in my over 20 years in Congress,” he added.

CNN’s Paula Reid described Jim Jordan’s response: “Jim Jordan came out and asked what they were going to do next and he said I’m going to consult with other members, I’m going to talk to lawyers. It was pretty restrained for him.”

According to legal experts, however, Jordan and House Republicans don’t have the legal authority to meddle in a local criminal investigation. Jordan is trying to investigate DA Bragg to help Donald Trump who is currently faces 34 counts of falsification of business records. Mark Pomerantz did his legal duty and nothing more.

The Republican frustration and their inability to move forward reveals a simple truth: They can seethe, but there is nothing that they can do to get answers from anyone in Manhattan about the criminal investigation into Trump.