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Republicans Are ‘Sick Of Trump’s Gripes’ As He Goes MIA During Final Days: Report



Donald Trump appears to care more about overturning an already lost election than taking care of the country in his final days in office and Republicans are getting “sick” of it.

Politico reported on Saturday that Republican lawmakers are growing tired of Trump’s constant attempts to overturn the election and ignoring his duties as current president.

“Republicans are sick of the gripes, the Supreme Court is summarily dismissing his arguments, and the nation’s governing apparatus is preparing for Joe Biden’s presidency,” reported Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman.

“Congress … has spent this week and will spend next week trying to put in place a series of policies to help America bounce back from the coronavirus,” continued the report. “It avoided a government shutdown, with the intent of giving itself more time to cut a bipartisan deal. Yet Trump has been absent — a bit player in a government he’s meant to be steering and a country he’s meant to be leading.”

You can read the full report HERE.

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