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Republican Calls For Abolition Of Child Support So Men Don’t Have To Encourage Women To Seek Abortions



Conservative lawyer Chris Pritt

A West Virginia Republican delegate wants to ban child support because he thinks it makes men encourage women they impregnate to seek abortions.

Conservative lawyer Chris Pritt, who specializes in divorce, custody arguments and child support, argued before the state legislature in West Virginia that there are fathers who don’t want to be involved in the lives of their children and said the burden of child support incentivites them to encourage women to get abortions.

“If she carries through with the pregnancy, he’s going to have, possibly, some sort of child support obligation,” Pritt said. “And, so, what he wants to do is, he wants to — in a sense — encourage her to go and find a way for her to get an abortion. Because he knows that a certain individual — if he has any kind if familiarity with her, he knows that she might be of such a state of mind, she must be in such a vulnerable position that it’s not worth everything that he’s going to put me through to carry this pregnancy forward. It’s going to be easier, it’s going to be better, for me to just go and terminate this ‘life.’ So she goes over to Virginia or to some other state where she goes and gets the abortion. So, I think that’s a really clear possibility if we enact the Second Amendment here, I don’t want to be doing anything that is encouraging thugs to go and get an abortion.”

Pritt failed to acknowledge that having financial support from the other parent is typically more of an incentive to have a child.